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Plaza Paving in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities

Plaza Paving in Minneapolis St. Paul Twin Cities - Plaza Paving in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities

Plaza Paving in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities

At Minnesota Roads & Parking Lots, we are a third generation, family-owned, and operated asphalt paving in the twin cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. We do plaza paving in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Twin Cities area for all kinds of businesses. We have been in business for thirty-five years and have a highly experienced team ready to tackle your needs.

Alongside our commitment and integrity to stand behind what we do, we provide a degree of expertise you will not find with other contractors.

Commercial Plaza Paving

Commercial paving is quite different from residential paving, with the most significant difference being usage and traffic. Paving a driveway does not take too much planning. This is because the residents of the area are usually the only everyday traffic this driveway sees. Due to this, it is much easier to stay off of for a few days.

But when it comes to commercial asphalt plaza paving, there are significantly more things to consider.

Aside from the fact that plazas have really large parking lots, their surfaces see tons of daily traffic, and all of it is essential to keep your business running. Afterall, nobody wants to drive through a bunch of bumps and potholes.

Hiring a professional asphalt paving contractor and planning ahead will assure you that your project will go smoothly and will not interfere with your business significantly.

At our paving company, our insured, bonded, and licensed professionals will educate you on the plaza paving processes so that you can be informed on every step of the project. We will also educate you on understanding the reason behind every procedure performed. While our team takes care of your parking lot paving needs, they will also take care of you, as you will not need to worry about your project.

Repair Issue

Paying attention to asphalt repairs is an easy way to improve your business or home appearance and ensure your continued safety.

Our expert paving contractors in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Twin Cities area will perform parking lot repairs on your asphalt project, regardless of the composition or length. We begin by brushing all debris from your parking lot and hosting it down to make sure we have a clean working surface.

We will then use crack filler to close up cracks – for more minor cracks. While for bigger cracks, a concrete or an asphalt patch is introduced and smoothed to become flush with the main surface of the parking lot.

For deeper cracks, additional filler might be required to be fully protected and sealed against further cracks. It is very common for minor cracks to become larger with time. This is why you should stop them while they are still small.

Feel free to contact the insured, bonded, and licensed asphalt paving contractors at Minnesota Roads & Parking Lots for a free estimate on your paving repairs.

Whether you need to tear out and replace an existing plaza or a brand new one, we can help you achieve both. You will end up with a durable and smooth product that will survive the harsh winters in Minnesota. To get your new project started, contact us today.