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Why you Should Remove a Concrete Driveway Before Laying New Asphalt

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Why you should remove a concrete driveway before laying a new asphalt

If you’ve been to Minnesota roads and parking lots you now understand the several benefits of having an asphalt driveway across Minneapolis. However, a common question bound to cross our minds is would it be better if I covered the surface of my concrete road with asphalt and the answer will be NO. 

This is because of several factors we will discuss. However, when the question “can I simply lay asphalt on an old concrete driveway?” is asked, the answer becomes yes. This is because this alternative is typically cheaper. However, going for this option has its downside, which is why it’s a wise choice to remove the existing concrete first before laying the asphalt.

Why should you remove your concrete pavement before laying an asphalt?

The concrete driveway sub-base is different from the sub-base used for asphalt. 

One of the major reasons we recommend you remove the concrete before laying asphalt has to do with the site’s initial preparation. When the site was first laid with concrete, the surface’s strength and stability were modified by simply applying more slabs until it evens out. Because of this, contractors hardly ever bothered about the nature of the ground or base. The ground under the concrete could be prone to shifting or sinking, and it wasn’t still considered a significant problem.  

However, when laying a new blacktop paving over concrete, contractors have two hurdles to face:

  • The unprepared sub base 
  • The concrete itself. 

If something is wrong with any of these two layers, it is bound to affect the asphalt. Unfortunately, pouring asphalt over concrete, which rests on an unstable base, the driveway is likely to become unstable. The expansion joints in the concrete will quickly transform into cracks, which you will see on the asphalt. In the end, this will only result in more money going to maintain the asphalt. In extreme cases, the shift in the ground will end up cracking the entire surface. Think of a concrete foundation like a house foundation. If not properly laid, it may crack, jeopardizing the integrity of the whole house. 

It isn’t good for the longevity of your driveway

Pouring asphalt on your concrete may look good at first, but you will begin to notice changes and side effects as time goes on. When built from the ground up, asphalt driveways not only look better, but they also last longer. If you build your asphalt properly, it will have a stable base and would require less maintenance through several seasons. 

A concrete base was made without the intention of asphalt later on, so when asphalt is poured, it doesn’t meet the right conditions. This results in several problems for the asphalt as time goes on. 

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