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High-quality Asphalt Paving Services in the Twin Cities

blog 2 - High-quality Asphalt Paving Services in the Twin Cities

High-quality Asphalt Paving Services in the Twin Cities

Minnesota Roads & Parking Lots is an asphalt paving contractor providing high-quality asphalt paving in St Paul and Minneapolis, and surrounding areas. With 35 years of experience behind our work, we provide a level of paving expertise you won’t find with other contractors. We have a proven record of high commitment to providing outstanding service and using the top quality asphalt and proven installation procedures to create driveways that will last.

We are a fully licensed and insured driveway contractor. Our highly trained and experienced team offers the best service and quality work in the business. We take care of all requirements and provide outstanding service from the time we respond to your request for a free estimate and all through the entire installation process, so you can be calm and see the results.

At MN Roads, when your driveway is generally in good shape but has some areas that have settled or broken up, we will saw cut and remove those areas, compact the base material and add a new layer of asphalt.

Our Asphalt Driveway Services in St Paul

We help provide extensive services to install, maintain, and repair your asphalt driveway in Minneapolis or St. Paul. For structurally fine driveways, we make repairs and expand your driveway to increase the parking area outside your house. If your existing blacktop driveway has worsened over the years and is damaged beyond repair, we provide a complete solution with our asphalt driveway maintenance services. Besides, we offer driveway sealing, maintenance, and warranty service.

If your surface shows signs of transverse or longitudinal cracking or small settlements but has no major defects, we start by removing all of your existing asphalt and hauling it to a recycling facility. We will then add class 5 base material as needed to the existing base material to ensure a uniform slope and proper drainage. It is then compacted using a vibratory drum roller.

The constant traffic that a parking lot gets is no match for the flexibility and durability of our asphalt paving. This is why our asphalt is a popular choice for paving parking lots. Our expert team will have your new parking lot ready for use.

Whether you want a straight walkway or a winding trail, we can use asphalt to make a sure path for your feet. MN Roads are reliable and sturdy, and the ease of repairing or resurfacing them means that they will last for years to come. We will work together with you to select the best layout for your asphalt sidewalk.

Asphalt is the material of choice for roads. If you need a private road for your homeowner’s association or a road on your personal property, our expert pavers can lay one that meets industry guidelines and provides a smooth and durable driving surface.

You Should Hire Us

We provide asphalt driveway installation throughout the year. From properly installing new driveways to sealing cracked pavement, our residential blacktop paving contractors in St Paul and Minneapolis can help ensure your driveway stays in peak condition. 

No matter what your driveway paving needs, we can help. Call us today to get to know more about our driveway paving services and how we can serve you.

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